my first post

AH! The world of blogging. I have had a few different blogs and I’ve just not been able to keep up with them all. I loved my food blog but I just go so overwhelmed at the end of that one because I was getting married and never picked my passion for it back up.

I have been scoping out a few different crafting blogs. I have come to love a few of them… (new favorite after flipping through her book at a bookstore on my lunch break one day) (some of her stuff is kinda out there for me, but I love a lot of her crafts)

I just love getting inspired by other people. I have done several crafts from howaboutorange and I plan on posting all of those eventually!

I don’t want this blog to just be a craft blog. I hope to post some recipes and other goings-on in my life too. Sort of like joyfulabode and soulemama do. All my favorite blogs combined (in a very scaled down sense I guess. I’m not as cool as them!)

*side note: I work for an attorney and I just answered the phone and buzzed my coworker that Steve w/ Martha Stewart’s office was on the phone… Oops!


One response to “my first post

  1. Steve w/Martha Stewarts office? Nice. 😛

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