crafty with christmas

This year, my mom, sister, and I decided that we’re doing a homemade Christmas. My sister wanted to do it last year, but she mentioned too late for me to do anything about it. But we decided to do it this year at the end of the summer. I’m also buying presents for other people, like my husband, dad, in-laws, and friends. But they’re probably getting some homemade gifts as well.

We have a few reasons why we were doing it this way. My step-dad was laid off at the beginning of the year (he’s been applying for jobs to no avail). My sister is almost finished with school (she’ll be a Registered Nurse in December!!). She doesn’t work because of this, so her family is living off my brother-in-law’s income until she’s done with school. For me, I’m a newlywed and like I said in my post “Crafty with Money,” we’re on a pretty strict budget.

Honestly though, I probably won’t post any of my present ideas until after Christmas so I don’t give anything away. Hopefully, I can set it all up to post as soon as I give the gifts out. But I will post about our first Christmas, like getting our first tree and decorating it. I’ll have to write a post about most of my ornaments, too! But that can go with the frugal posts as well! 🙂

If you have any homemade Christmas present ideas, leave me a comment!


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