crafty with money

So I have been reading a bunch of money-saving/freebies blogs this morning. I’ve been loving this because I am a VERY frugal person.  I know how and where to find a $2 summer dress or a $1 denim skirt. I wore my latest $6 dress on Saturday! But I have decided that I will post about my frugal purchases too. You honestly have to be crafty with your money.

We are on a pretty strict budget right now trying to pay off all our loans (except for the mortgage). I’m doing the envelopes thing, but I keep it all separated in a coupon organizer. I actually got complimented on it on Saturday at the pharmacy! I usually get slightly embarrassed when I have to pull that thing out, but it has really helped. Before we got married, I did alright with my money, but now that have a house payment to add to the mix of things. I’ve had to halt a lot of spending even if it is really cheap.

I guess I will talk about my budget in this post, too. I keep cash in my coupon organizer. Each section has half a notecard with the category and the amount I put in monthly and weekly (my budget is read by the month, but since we get paid weekly, I divide it up that way).  The categories are Groceries, Dining Out, Clothes, Gifts, Vehicle, Medical, Coffee, Misc. I pay for gas on my debit card and I will put cash in the front pocket for when I use my debit or credit card on a purchase and I wasn’t able to take it out of the organizer. For the bills we pay by check or online, I just put the total weekly portions (divided out just like cash) into a separate savings account and pay my bills out of that. I’ve never had to do that but we’re really trying to pay everything off early.

As for those loans, we’re hoping to rid of that by April of next year. We’re also going to celebrate that happy occasion with a glamorous night on the town! We might go a little overboard and it might be a little cliche, but we’re just going all out that night!  We have 2 payments left on my husband’s Jeep, 4 payments left on another loan, and 6 payments left on my student loan. I tell you all of these details because I am so excited for us to pay these off and I hope that you can celebrate with us as we get out of debt!


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