decoupaged letters



So my first experiment with decoupage was with some letters I picked up at Hobby Lobby (my very favorite store). I saw a post on HowAboutOrange and I loved her idea! So I just took that and added my own touch to it. Jen did WASH with paper from a laundry book, but I took it a step further and did DRY too. But I just decoupaged newspaper on it and then painted the fronts of the letters only.

Just follow the directions on the Modge Podge container to decoupage. I tore newspaper into thin strips and picked out some of my favorite words, sayings, and pictures that I could find. I put a movie theater schedule on one of the letters. I found the club listings for my neighborhood and used a lot of those!

After they were all dry, I took some red and blue paint and thinned that down with water so that you could see the words on the newspaper. I had a harder time watering down the blue though. It was either too thick or too thin. But I loved how they turned out. Lots of character!

I still haven’t hung them up, but I have a kit of different things to hang a picture so I’ll try those out. I remember my great-great uncle putting coke can tops on the back of the crosses he used to make. So I could always resort to that! 🙂


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  1. Looks great!

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