slim’s pink hat

Slim is the nickname I gave my 6 year old cousin a couple of years ago. She calls me Slim too.  I love it!

I wore my new pink hat to my uncle’s last day at church party (he got deployed a couple of weeks ago). Lainey just loved the pink and the flower. And of course, she wants me to make her one. I’ll give it to her for Christmas, and since she’s just six and can’t read a lot and probably can’t even get to this website without help, I’m going to say it’s safe for me to post about her hat here BEFORE Christmas. This will be one of the few crafts I post about before Christmas though.

I actually started her hat this morning but the top was too pointy. I figured I could make this hat without a pattern like I did mine. But it’s just got to fit her little blonde head. She’s so sassy too. Her mom heard her crying in the bathroom one day. She asked her what was wrong, and she said her hair was turning BROWN!!! She was so upset her hair was getting darker!! I thought it was the cutest thing!! I got her a shirt last year that said, “Cutest Thing under the Sun!”

I’ll post pics later as I work on her hat. I plan on doing that today as I go back to my little hole in the office to scan. SO many files…


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