chicken & rice

I made one of Nate’s favorite dishes last night. My own concoction of chicken & rice that has yet to be named. That’s what we call it! This time, it was a little different than how I normally make it because I used Taco Rice from Aldi’s.

Prepare the taco rice as the package indicates. While that is cooking, saute some chopped onions and chicken. I had chicken tenderloins (from Aldi’s too) and chopped those up with my spoon in the pan after they had cooked a little. I added a can of stewed tomatoes but not all of the juice. After both were finished cooking, I served them in a bowl with cheese and sour cream. We ate it like a dip with some blue tortilla chips.

Of course Nate loved it. I was afraid it was too different for him, but he actually liked it better this way. And since I cook the tomatoes with the chicken and he eats that with the rice, he’s getting a little bit of vegetables (he hates vegetables btw).


One response to “chicken & rice

  1. Yum! Sounds good, minus the onions.

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