a white christmas

Last week, I surprised Nate with tickets to see a local high school’s production of A White Christmas. That’s his favorite movie! And Nate just ABSOLUTELY loves Christmas. He’s just a fanatic! Anybody that knows him, knows this. He hides nothing. We really enjoyed it. The kids did a really good job.  The sound system was a bit messed up though. But this has really gotten us in the Christmas spirit.

We’re going to cut down our Christmas tree on Friday!! I can’t wait! This is our first Christmas as our little family and we have quite a bit planned! We have a Christmas party coming up, but we just can’t seem to nail down a date for it. That’s frustrating me. But we’ve decided to not let anybody in our house until we have every last decoration up. I hope we can get our Christmas decorations down tomorrow morning so we can start going through them! 🙂

Here’s my menu over the next couple of days: Chicken & Dressing in a crock pot, Cranberry Sauce, Potatoes of some sort but I keep forgetting to look up the name, green bean casserole, corn casserole, and some rolls. I’ll post some recipes and some pics next week!
Happy Thanksgiving!!



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