recent happenings in money

So I just made our last payment on my student loan. That’s 3 loans paid off in the last 4 months! I’m very stoked about it. We’re celebrating by going to Nashville for a night with a couple of friends. Nate and I have never been to Dave & Buster’s, so we’re gonna spend a lot of money there! My mother-in-law recommended Aloft hotel. She stayed there around Christmas last year. It’s supposed to be pretty modern with their decor and technology. They have free wi-fi. Not a huge deal, but I hate it when hotels charge you extra for wi-fi. Disney does that. And so did the condo we stayed at in Gulf Shores for our 1 year anniversary.

But yeah, back to the money. I married into some debt, not a lot though. But I’m pretty good with money (or so I think… It’s kind of the reason I got a finance degree…) and I put us on a plan to pay it all off. It started it after we stopped paying on my 1/3 of the apartment rent right after we got married. It was probably about 3 months after we got married we started paying extra on the bills.

Since all three of our extra loans (not the mortgage) were about the same amount, we paid off the one with the highest interest rate first. Then snowballed it from there. I ran some numbers and it made the most sense. If you want to know anything about paying it off, let me know. I’m an open book about it!


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