So, I think I get overwhelmed with blogging. Sometimes I’m an overachiever and sometimes I’m the world’s second worst procrastinator (I do believe my husband is #1…). I feel like I need to post every day to keep people coming back. And sometimes I just don’t have time to talk about what I’ve done or I don’t have time to do anything new! Lately I have been so busy with other stuff (crafting mostly) with very little time to even keep my house clean (so I didn’t…). So I’m gonna try this again. I’m gonna post when I feel like it about stuff that I feel like talking about. I don’t care what you think 🙂 It’s gonna be more for me than anybody else!

I started a new blog and I really like the title, but that might be something more personal than this one. I love crafting. I love crocheting. I love knitting. I love card making (recent discovery). I love baking. I love cooking. I love Hobby Lobby. I love talking. I love craft parties. I love teaching crafting. I love fabric (even though I can’t sew). I love thrift stores. I love cheap treasures. I love spray painting.

But I have a hard time with “new” stuff. I usually get my ideas from other people. But I do have one post I’m super excited about posting soon. It’s pretty original. I was just inspired about it by reading all my favorite crafting blogs though.

Now all I need is more time. And then we’ll see where this will take me. Will I have more than 5 more posts for the rest of year? Who knows? We’ll take it a week at a time, a day at time. Just whenever I can find the time! (Random side note: A guy from work asked us if we needed anything while he was out running errands. The receptionist answered time. So the dude brought her back some Thyme. I have Thyme. I just need time.)

Happy crafting!


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