So the holidays are quickly approaching. My birthday is just a week away. This year we’re going to Memphis, TN to see the Broadway Wicked, and we’re staying at the Peabody Hotel. I’m so excited about this! My husband and I went to see Wicked last year with a bunch of friends. Before we walked into the theater, I accidentally broke his glasses… So he didn’t actually get to see Wicked. So we’ve gotten even better seats this time around, and hopefully we can take an extra pair of glasses!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I just really love this time of year and all the festivities (as long as there is no drama). We’re planning a Halloween party at our house at the end of the month, and we’ve had our costumes picked out since last Halloween. No hints either… But I also have my second craft booth the next morning, so that might be a little rough, but my mom is supposed to be helping me set up. My dad will be cooking b’fast at the pancake breakfast fundraiser for the fire dept. he’s with.

Thanksgiving. Another favorite holiday! I just love all the food we get to eat. It used to be a little simpler where my sister and I would go to our  maw-maw’s house for lunch and then our granny’s house for supper, but I got married last year and my granny went to be with Jesus shortly after that. I now have to work in another family food function. Last year worked well with doing a day after T’giving thing with the in-laws and watching the Iron Bowl (it’s a HUGE deal in Alabama). And my mom started a new family tradition of us just having T’giving and Christmas at her house (since she’s now a Nana and her kids are both married), so we don’t go to her extended family shindigs on the day-of’s now. I do miss seeing my big family, but I love this new tradition, too.

And then there’s Christmas. We usually have several parties to plan and attend.

Utter. Chaos.

But we’re trying to start our own tradition of having an all day Christmas party at our house the 2nd Saturday of every December (we realized this after having our Christmas party on the 1st Saturday last year and that is always the day of the SEC championship game… again… a very Southern thing to plan life around football). So we have decided on the 2nd weekend now. But as far as N8 and I go, we go to my dad’s on Christmas Eve for presents with him, then to Dad’s Mom’s (Maw-Maw) that night. Then we go back home (30 minutes away) and have our own little Gilbert Christmas the next morning. After all that, we go to his parents (2 minutes away) and have brunch and our Christmas with them. THEN we go back to our house and get ready for Christmas at my mom’s (45 minutes away). By the time we get home that night, we’re stuffed and exhausted! But we do have a blast with our families! 🙂

What are your holiday traditions?


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