birthday post

So. My birthday was last Thursday and I just have to tell you about this!! Last year, I signed up to get free food from several restaurants for my birhtday. I had found a couple of websites with lists of these places that will give you free stuff, so I’m going to do my own by the places that have sent me coupons!

First, Starbucks sent me a postcard in the mail (love getting snail mail!) that got me 1 free drink of my choice from them any time in my birthday month (October)! I think you have to register your Starbucks gift card though. I got 2 for Christmas last year and registered them this summer (better late than never). I earn some points for every dollar I spend, I think.

A week before my b’day: I got several emails exactly one week before my birthday. My favorite of those: Denny’s! I’m not a huge fan of Denny’s, but they are giving me a free build your own grand slam, no questions asked! But the only catch with that one is I have to go ON my birthday. Still, free food without actually having to buy anything… Real free food for me!! And side note: I just read the email again and it says it’s a build your own, so I get to choose what I want! I don’t have to get the bacon because I don’t like bacon! Woohoo!!! I had 2 eggs, over medium, some turkey bacon, some fresh fruit (that I was actually impressed with), and a biscuit.

My email from Coldstone Creamery came later in the day but it’s a free creation of my choice for FREE (again, loving the no strings attached gifts) that expires a week from my birthday. This just might trump Denny’s since I can use it between now and a week after my b’day!

I got an email from Bruegger’s: free cookie with the purchase of a sandwich or salad (expires 2 weeks from my b’day). An email from Arby’s: free 12 oz. shake w/ ANY purchase ($1 menu fries maybe?) that expires a week after my b’day. And an email from Bruster’s: buy one get one free Waffle Cone (expires a week from my b’day).

Not too bad… I like these people that let me plan it all out though!

Do you know of anymore? (I tried to sign up for one from Red Robin, but you have to go in to get a card, and I don’t eat there that often, so I haven’t had a chance.)

*Please note, I’m sure there are several other good deals out there, but this was just relevant to places open in my area.


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  1. Happy Birthday! 🙂

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