lovely things

In the crafting world, I think one of the things most coveted is a machine to cut things out for you, whether it be in the form of a die cutter, a computerized cutter, or just some fancy scissors and some mad skillz. My mom has a CriCut. I love everything that she makes anyway, but some of the stuff she gets from there is cah-ute!! But what I covet most crafting bloggers is their uses with the Silhouette! The things they create using this machine… MAN!! It’s just amazing what they each come up with!! I’ve entered to win a Silhouette on several occasions and I’m just so excited that Thrifty Decor Chick gets to do another giveaway!

I am absolutely in love with how their system works (no bulky cartridges, just hook it up to your computer and buy whatever design you want), their choices of designs, letters, and shapes, and what it could do for me and my cardmaking, creating, upcycling, decorating, gifts, and so much more!!

By the way… It’s gonna be on HUGE sale on Cyber Monday (Nov 29) for $100 off (apparently, this is the cheapest it’s ever been). So if I don’t win it for some WEIRD reason, I’m asking Santa for it!

So for sanity’s sake… Let’s just hope I win! 🙂 (I’m fully qualified… obviously never won one, don’t even know anybody that owns one [so maybe I can start a trend in my area!], and I live in Alabama which is in the US!) Cross your fingers!!


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