lessons from this Christmas

I’m NOT working (well at my job) today! I’m home cleaning, cooking, and prepping for our Christmas party tomorrow. My house is disgusting (well half disgusting now). We’ve been so terribly busy that I just barely stay on top of dishes, laundry, and keeping the kitchen, dining room, and living room “picked up.” Just ask my husband. He hates for the dining room table to be covered in stuff, but I don’t have time to put things where they go because I can’t get to that one spot it goes because it’s covered or unorganized. So everything ended up in a box. Then I had to go through that box this morning.

I made just a few Christmas cards this year to send to grandparents, parents, and a couple of other people too (if you didn’t get one, I’m sorry… Call me and I’ll send you a random card then). BUT I can’t find my stamps!!!! My motivation for cleaning and going through paperwork today was to find those stamps so I can get those in the mail TODAY. But no such luck yet. Dadgumit!

Ok, now on to lessons I’ve learned this Christmas:

  1. Be prepared when sending out cards. (See explanation above.)
  2. Make sure you have plenty of confectioners sugar on hand when baking cookies. (1/2 bag could end up on the kitchen & dining room floors, you, your friend, your friend’s baby…)
  3. When you buy a set of nice Pier one white with gold trim plates from a thrift store, run them under hot water to easily remove the tape. (Don’t just sit and try to peel off every little piece. You’re wasting time and energy doing so. Hot water, soap, and some elbow grease do the trick!)
  4. Prepare EARLY for a procrastinating husband. (I think next year I’ll start in August asking Nate to help me with things…)
  5. Use a hair dryer to remove stickers from the glass of a picture that is going to be a present. (It came off VERY easily.)
  6. Be careful when moving presents around when you buy them in September. (One present got nicked on a corner and I did “save” it (maybe) by painting over it with a similar color. I can tell but it’s not as noticeable as the nick.)
  7. Start making your Christmas wish-list in July. Write something down as you remember it. (Google docs is wonderful for this. Saves all the hassle of trying to think up things for family to buy for you.)
  8. Just remembered one more lesson… Superglue can be your friend when something else isn’t. (I hated that my little stopper kept coming out of my sponge wand with dish soap in it.)

Ok. I think that was a pretty good list. I thought I had a couple of more lessons, but those might come when I can think of them.

Dude. I like this whole staying at home thing… I actually had time to blog and clean and cook. I might try to make this a trend…

Update 1 hour later… I found my stamps in a bag with the stuff that I thought it was with but I couldn’t remember the bag… It’s like the box I just threw everything in. It’s already organized!


2 responses to “lessons from this Christmas

  1. Yay! I’m glad you found them! and cute tips 🙂

  2. I received my card today. It is adorable! The note inside is priceless. Merry Christmas!!

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