update on things

So I really just wanted to let you know how excited I’ve actually been to wash my dishes since I super glued the stopper in! It’s kinda sad, but I love it! I’m not so mad when I go to do dishes anymore. Which is good for my kitchen. I’m trying to keep up with my dishes. (That is NOT a resolution. It’s just what I’ve been doing!) I’m not into resolutions. But I have some goals.

  1. Go to Rwanda. (I’m signed up to go, I just need to get there and in one piece too.)
  2. Do a daily Bible reading every day. (Right now it’s every day unless something comes up. I try to get one in usually, but it’s not like it was last fall.)
  3. Exercise and eat healthier. (This is always a goal in my life, but I’ve fallen way behind lately, especially because of the holidays.)

All things Rwanda are going pretty well. I’m behind on my support raising, but that’s because I waited so long to officially sign up. I’m still waiting on my pastor to sign something, but I plan on checking up on that today or tomorrow. I have passed out a few support letters, but I have SOO many more to hand out. I forgot to take mine to church yesterday and I was SO stinkin’ mad!! Oh well. I can’t forget next week though!

Also, I think I have crafters’ block. I sit down to do something and there’s nothing. Nada. Zilch. GONE is my inspiration. I bought a lot of neat things at Hobby Lobby this weekend, but I can’t even use them!! I think I need more chaos in my craft room (but only after I organize the stuff I’ve been just throwing in there).

On a lighter note, I found out a sweet friend got engaged on New Years Eve! And a dear friend found out she was pregnant on Christmas Day! Congrats to both!! šŸ™‚


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