bobbles and friendships

I had a REALLY busy weekend!

Friday, I went on a 7-couple date at a restaurant that didn’t know how to seat 14 people and 1 kid (They didn’t realize how many tables they were going to need and kept seating other ppl around where they needed out tables and then one would get done and we’d have to wait for another…). But it was still a lot of fun (even though the boys decided we needed to segregate so it was pretty hard ordering pizza with your husband at the opposite end of the table.

Saturday, we met our breakfast friends for brunch at good ole Cracker Barrel! From there, we went to visit my cousin and his wife at the hospital where they had their new baby girl the day before! She’s precious! Then we went back home for just enough time for me to grab my hooks, yarn, and books before I picked up my new friend to go talk, eat, and crochet. We both learned to make bobbles! And we decided we’re going to do a friendship blanket with some other friends! We’re both very excited about this!! Ah! Who knew you could stay up to 11pm making bobbles?! For more on bobbles, click here or here.

Then Sunday, I went to lunch with a sweet friend that was having a hard day. We just talked and stuffed our faces.Ā  šŸ™‚ Then I finished off the day with watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with the hubby.

Good and busy weekend. šŸ™‚ Now I’m at work with what could potentially be a headache.


3 responses to “bobbles and friendships

  1. What is a bobble???

  2. You forgot that you spent a few minutes at your Mom.s, who does not see you nearly enough.

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