So the “rules” and goals for the official simplifying will come later. I just typed them up but I’m still adding and editing them.

But the first purge I’ve done so far is on Facebook. I don’t want to delete my account, but I spend a lot to time catching up on peoples lives. I like it. I think it’s a great tool. People will “divorce” their Facebook accounts occasionally, but they almost always come back to it. (My sister is all the time “divorcing” her Facebook. That’s her term, not mine.) So I just want to do to Facebook what I’m doing to the rest of my life. Simplify.

I simplified. I hid a lot of people that I don’t even talk to anymore. And the stuff that you become fans of that I don’t care about ever hearing more about them. The thing about hiding people is that they will never know if I hid them or not. I don’t care if you hide me after reading this. I’m not going to be a people pleaser.

Simplify. Simply Fly. I think it’d be neat to call my blog that, but I’m sick of changing up my blog names so this is gonna stay, but I might change my heading.

My plan for tomorrow is to do laundry and purge some clothes. I hope to purge more of my house. I’m starting off small so I don’t overwhelm myself. I want to stick with this. Please let me know if you’re cleaning out and if you have any tips for me. I have read up a lot on this serious purging already. I hope to share what I learn through this process.

Thanks for reading my blog!


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