timing is everything

I’m going to train at my new job today. I took off 2 days from my current job to go train at the new one because I gave a 3 week notice instead of just 2. I didn’t want to leave them stranded with such a busy last week. That job is probably gonna go out with a bang… We are so swamped next week!!

But this new job is very exciting for me. I’ve really been wanting a job like this for over a year now! The most appealing thing about my new job is that I will only work 30 hours a week instead of 40. This job popped up at the right time. We’ve been so swamped at work recently and it takes my stress level to an all new high sometimes. No just the work itself, but the feeling of being bogged down by work at home, errands that need to be run, hobbies that I want to do, cooking for my husband and me, and wanting to be social.

A downer to this job, less money coming in. Even though my time will be more open, I need to keep my time at home more sacred. I don’t need to plan things with people so much. I need to just take my time, literally. #1 – I don’t want to get my schedule just as packed as it is now. #2 – our funds will be less, so I don’t even have money to spend on these type of things! If someone wants to buy my coffee, go on ahead!! I won’t complain!

Rachel of Small Notebook sums it up wonderfully in her blog post on doing less, “There is a fear of missing out, skipping an opportunity, or giving up a chance to have success.”

That fear is strong in me! I’m always afraid of missing out on something! I want to do it all. I want to have all the memories with my friends! But this is also why my schedule looks the way it does.

But now that I’ll be starting a new job next month (May 2nd is officially my first day!), I have a great opportunity to start on a clean slate. People will be understanding and will hopefully work with us when it comes to saying that we can’t afford something.

I hope through this new venture that I can be more gospel-centered. I hope I do use my time well. There’s a lot to be done though. I’m looking forward to tackling this house, setting aside more time for God, go to the gym more often (it’s now going to be on the way to work, and I’m already paying for the membership anyway…), and learning to say “no” more often.


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