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my simplification process

ha. I’m not sure if that’s even a real word. I think it’s one of those made up words that people think they can say to sound smarter. I used it to be kind of funny. So please don’t take that seriously.

Onto the post… So, life has slowed down now that the 2 weddings I was helping with are done! I did crafty stuff for both weddings. One, I made fabric flowers for the bridesmaids and flower girls. I was pretty proud of myself. And I also helped set up a candy bar and a dessert buffet. For the other wedding, I was matron of honor and I made the little tags that went on the champagne flutes so that people knew they were favors! 🙂

Ok for real, time to talk to about simplifying! That was sort of about simplifying though. Time has opened up! And I had to clean out my craft room for people to stay in there. I really feel like my house has lost weight… Now to just keep it that way and to keep losing!!! I’m not finished in my craft room either. I had to get to the point that I just had to shove things back in because I needed to get stuff done before people got there. Also, my dear friend came over while I was at work and vacuumed, washed my dishes, picked up, cleaned my kitchen. She is wonderful!!!

So that’s an update on my simplifying. I’m not doing a very good job simplifying my time though. I just noticed a week in June that is completely booked up already!!!! Insane!! AH! But we’re definitely spending less, but we’re not down to where we should be though. We need to spend LESS! Especially with this new income… I’m pulling Mint back into our game plan I think! I just need to figure out something that works. We both have direct deposit now, so that simplifies my time going to the bank as long as I can get some cash for our envelope system. It’s way outta whack right now. Very unfortunate!

So yeah, another thing to help my life, I’m doing a Pampered Chef order soon to just order all my wedding presents for the year! I have 4 weddings I’ve been invited too for the rest of the year so far (2 are on the same day). SO, I’m gonna get a head start and try to keep my consultant status too. I also want to really get more serious about this business since we have a lower income now. Maybe this will work out!

Ok, I think I just rambled more. I can update later too. I’m getting more plans for organizing my house though!! 🙂


timing is everything

I’m going to train at my new job today. I took off 2 days from my current job to go train at the new one because I gave a 3 week notice instead of just 2. I didn’t want to leave them stranded with such a busy last week. That job is probably gonna go out with a bang… We are so swamped next week!!

But this new job is very exciting for me. I’ve really been wanting a job like this for over a year now! The most appealing thing about my new job is that I will only work 30 hours a week instead of 40. This job popped up at the right time. We’ve been so swamped at work recently and it takes my stress level to an all new high sometimes. No just the work itself, but the feeling of being bogged down by work at home, errands that need to be run, hobbies that I want to do, cooking for my husband and me, and wanting to be social.

A downer to this job, less money coming in. Even though my time will be more open, I need to keep my time at home more sacred. I don’t need to plan things with people so much. I need to just take my time, literally. #1 – I don’t want to get my schedule just as packed as it is now. #2 – our funds will be less, so I don’t even have money to spend on these type of things! If someone wants to buy my coffee, go on ahead!! I won’t complain!

Rachel of Small Notebook sums it up wonderfully in her blog post on doing less, “There is a fear of missing out, skipping an opportunity, or giving up a chance to have success.”

That fear is strong in me! I’m always afraid of missing out on something! I want to do it all. I want to have all the memories with my friends! But this is also why my schedule looks the way it does.

But now that I’ll be starting a new job next month (May 2nd is officially my first day!), I have a great opportunity to start on a clean slate. People will be understanding and will hopefully work with us when it comes to saying that we can’t afford something.

I hope through this new venture that I can be more gospel-centered. I hope I do use my time well. There’s a lot to be done though. I’m looking forward to tackling this house, setting aside more time for God, go to the gym more often (it’s now going to be on the way to work, and I’m already paying for the membership anyway…), and learning to say “no” more often.

bobbles and friendships

I had a REALLY busy weekend!

Friday, I went on a 7-couple date at a restaurant that didn’t know how to seat 14 people and 1 kid (They didn’t realize how many tables they were going to need and kept seating other ppl around where they needed out tables and then one would get done and we’d have to wait for another…). But it was still a lot of fun (even though the boys decided we needed to segregate so it was pretty hard ordering pizza with your husband at the opposite end of the table.

Saturday, we met our breakfast friends for brunch at good ole Cracker Barrel! From there, we went to visit my cousin and his wife at the hospital where they had their new baby girl the day before! She’s precious! Then we went back home for just enough time for me to grab my hooks, yarn, and books before I picked up my new friend to go talk, eat, and crochet. We both learned to make bobbles! And we decided we’re going to do a friendship blanket with some other friends! We’re both very excited about this!! Ah! Who knew you could stay up to 11pm making bobbles?! For more on bobbles, click here or here.

Then Sunday, I went to lunch with a sweet friend that was having a hard day. We just talked and stuffed our faces.  🙂 Then I finished off the day with watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with the hubby.

Good and busy weekend. 🙂 Now I’m at work with what could potentially be a headache.

update on things

So I really just wanted to let you know how excited I’ve actually been to wash my dishes since I super glued the stopper in! It’s kinda sad, but I love it! I’m not so mad when I go to do dishes anymore. Which is good for my kitchen. I’m trying to keep up with my dishes. (That is NOT a resolution. It’s just what I’ve been doing!) I’m not into resolutions. But I have some goals.

  1. Go to Rwanda. (I’m signed up to go, I just need to get there and in one piece too.)
  2. Do a daily Bible reading every day. (Right now it’s every day unless something comes up. I try to get one in usually, but it’s not like it was last fall.)
  3. Exercise and eat healthier. (This is always a goal in my life, but I’ve fallen way behind lately, especially because of the holidays.)

All things Rwanda are going pretty well. I’m behind on my support raising, but that’s because I waited so long to officially sign up. I’m still waiting on my pastor to sign something, but I plan on checking up on that today or tomorrow. I have passed out a few support letters, but I have SOO many more to hand out. I forgot to take mine to church yesterday and I was SO stinkin’ mad!! Oh well. I can’t forget next week though!

Also, I think I have crafters’ block. I sit down to do something and there’s nothing. Nada. Zilch. GONE is my inspiration. I bought a lot of neat things at Hobby Lobby this weekend, but I can’t even use them!! I think I need more chaos in my craft room (but only after I organize the stuff I’ve been just throwing in there).

On a lighter note, I found out a sweet friend got engaged on New Years Eve! And a dear friend found out she was pregnant on Christmas Day! Congrats to both!! 🙂

i <3 free stuff

Who doesn’t? I’ve been commenting on blogs for 2 years trying to win free stuff (that I like). My luck would be I’d actually win something I don’t really want! So I don’t want to register for stuff I don’t even like!

But today, I’m banking on this blog to get me some extra entries for these SUPER cute shoes! Go here if you want to read more about it on the original blog. Check out Sanuk‘s website for more cute shoes!

If I won, I’d probably get these:

Aren’t they the cutest?

Make sure you check out Joyful Abode and Sanuk! And I would say register, but then you’d be competition!! 🙂

What’s your favorite shoe from Sanuk? (post your link!)